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Department of Soil and Water Engineering

 Sl. No.  Title of P.G. Thesis  Name of Student  Advisor
 01.  Studies on Estimation of Evapotranspiration of different crops using Modelling technique for crop planning  Sanjay Shankarrao Dhanphule  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 02.  Development and Evaluation of Surge flow Irrigation system  Pandit Gangadhar Patil  Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 03.  Performance Evaluation of Sub-surface Irrigation in Vertisols  Girish Shyamsunderji Panchariya  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 04.  State of Art of Drip Irrigation in Chhattisgarh – A Case Study  Amal Chowdhary  Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 05.  Hydrological Modelling for Micro Watersheds using SWAT Model  Anil kumar Marotirao Kamble  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 06.  Land Capability classification using Remote Sensing and Geographic information system  Suryawanshi Sachin Laxmanrao  Dr. A. K. Pali
 07.  Evaluation and Adoption of Existing Conservation Structures in koubru Watershed in Manipur  Kangjam Sonamani Singh  Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 01.  Design and Development of Small unit of Rainfall simulator for Soil Erosion Studies  Samiran Sarkar  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 01.  Comparative Evaluation and Techno-Economic Feasibility of surface and pressurized systems of irrigation for Bitter Gourd  Jay Prakash Bharti  Dr. V. K. Pandey
 02.  Development and Evaluation of Low Cost Drip Irrigation at micro level  Rajendra Kumar Patel  Dr. R. K. Sahu
 03.  Hydrological modelling of a small watershed using remote sensing and GIS technique  Anil Kautikrao Jadhao  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 01.  Water Balance Studies of A Micro Watershed  Johnson K. Eappen  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 02.  Hydrological Evaluation of Soil Conservation Structures in Arang Watershed  Tushar Rahangdale  Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 03.  Planning of Land and Water Resources For Sustainable Management of Waste lands (Entisols)  Mani Ram Nirala  Dr. R. K. Sahu
 04.  Modelling Catchment Scale Soil Erosion Pattern using Remote Sensing and GIS  Deshmukh Sunil Balasaheb  Dr. V. K. Pandey
 05.  Evaluation of Moisture conservation techniques and micro irrigation for tree based farming system in wasteland (Entisols)  Changade Nitin Madan  Dr. R. K. Sahu
 06.  Optimal irrigation planning for Hasdeo-Bango command area using Decision support system  Katkhede Sachin Subhasrao  Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 07.  Data base generation for variable infiltration capacity (VIC) hydrologic based model – Remote sensing and GIS approach  Shashi Kant  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 01.  Dynamics of water resource utilisation on Groundwater and crop productivity in selected lift irrigation schemes  Bhaskara Rao ijjurouthu  Dr. R. K. Sahu
 02.  Modelling of spring flow using Artificial Neural Network  Dharani Kumar Penki  Dr. V. K. Pandey
 01.  Development of land and water management plan for optimal agricultural production at KVK farm Dhamtari  Arun Anthony Lakra  Dr. A. K. Pali
 02.  Appraisal and Planning of Land and Water Resources for Sustainable Cropping at KVK Farm, Jashpur  Abhineet Roy  Dr. R. K. Sahu
 03.  Groundwater flow and Mass Transport Modellling for Multilayer Aquifer system of Small Watersheds in Chhattisgarh  Dheeraj Kumar  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 04.  Parameterization and water resource development planning of kotni watershed using Geographic Information system and Satellite Remote Sensing  Gulshan Tirkey  Dr. V. K. Pandey
 01.  Development of optimal land and water management plan of Chhokranala Watershed  Ku. Seema Rangare  Dr. V. P. Verma
 02.  Water Balance Studies of a Watershed using Distributed Parameter model  Rituraj Shukla  Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 01.  Optimization of Land and Water Resources at KVK Farm Kanker  Shiv Singh  Dr. R. K. Sahu
 02.  Assessment and Management of Groundwater for the upper Mahanadi Basin using modelling Technique  Mudasir Ahmad Shah  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 03.  Hydraulic Performance and Energy use of Drip irrigation system for Capsicum (Capsicum Annuum) crop  Ujjawal Kumar Sharma  Dr. V. P. Verma
 04.  Water Requirement of Rice and Gaps in Water supply in Mahanadi Command Area  Girish Patel  Dr. R. K. Sahu
 05.  Development of Land and Water Management Plan for optimal Agricultural Production of KVK at Janjgir-Champa  Sebedar Maurya  Dr. R. K. Sahu
 06.  Conjunctive use planning of Selud Distributary command of tandula Canal in Durg District  Mohd. Tayeb Ali Khan  Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 07.  Effect of Artificial Recharge structures on ground water availability in semi-critical area in Chhattisgarh  Kumud S. Meshram  Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 01.  Development of Water Resources Assessment Model using Water Balance Technique for Optimal Resource Management  Amit V. Meshram  Dr. A. K. Pali
 02.  Runoff Modelling of a Small Agricultural Watershed using Satellite Data and GIS  Ku. Geeta  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 03.  Studies on Conjunctive use of Water Resources of a Distributory Command of Mandhar Branch Command Canal  Gautam  Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 04.  Water Harvesting Based Integrated Farming System For KVK Farm, Anjora, Durg  Heeralal  Dr. R. K. Sahu
 05.  Studies on Hydraulics of Recharge shaft  Pushpendra K. Singh  Dr. V. P. Verma
 01.  Groundwater use planning of upper Mahanadi watershed using Visual Modflow model  Ku. Neelu Rana  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 02.  Study on conjunctive water use planning in selud distributary command area of Durg  Deep Banerjee  Er. P. Katre
 03.  Planning of groundwater recharge for Durg district using remote sensing and GIS  Tarun Kumar  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 04.  Study of Aquifer parameters of wells by field investigation and its impact on selection of efficient pump  Ku. Ekta Verma  Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 05.  Block-wise planning of crop and water resources of Durg District  Ku. Hansa Thakur  Dr. A. K. Pali
 06.  Hydraulic performance and Economic Analysis of Drip Irrigation System for Bottle Gourd  Yeeshu Kumar Deshmukh  Dr. V. P. Verma
 01.  Groundwater recharge planning for Dhamtari, Balod and Bemetara Districts of C.G. state using Satellite data and GIS technique  Ku. Jyotsana Khakha  Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 02.  Conjunctive water use planning of distributary commands of mandhar branch canal using GIS  Prabhat Choubey  Er. P. Katre
 03.  Stochastic streamflow modelling of Seonath river  Meerendra Sahu  Dr. A. K. Pali
 04.  Groundwater planning and management of kharun watershed of seonath basin  Ku. Madhuri Sawarkar  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 05.  Land and water management plan for diversified farming at RMD college of Agriculture and Research Station Ambikapur  Rakesh Kumar Ahirwar  Dr. R. K. Sahu
 06.  Rainfall-runoff modelling using perceptron artificial neural network technique - A case study  Rajendra kumar Netam  Dr. Jitendra Sinha
 01.  Assessment of soil erosion, runoff, sediment yield, water quality and preventive measures in overburden dumps of opencast mines in chirmiri  Gaurav Kant Nigam  Dr. R. K. Sahu
 02.  Prioritization of Critical areas of an agricultural watershed for effective managment using SWAT model  Ku. Priti Tiwari  Dr. M. P. Tripathi
 03.  Evaluation of conjunctive water use practices and development of appropriate management plan for a watershed situated in mandhar branch canal command  Ku. Janhavi  Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 01.  Hydrologic Risk Analysis in Mandhar Branch Canal Command for Developing Crop and Water Resources Management Plan  Ku. Dileshwari  Dr. A . K . Pali
 02.  Ground Water Recharge Planning and Management of Semi-critical Block of Bilaspur District.  Ku. Deeksha  Er. Dhiraj Khalkho
 03.  Water Balance Studies on Maize Crop (Zea Mays L.) in Mid Land Situation of Chhattisgarh Plains  Ku. Deepa Chandravanshi  Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 04.  Water Balance Studies on Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana) in Mid Land Sitution of Chhatisgarh Plains  Ku. Karnika Dwivedi  Dr. M . P . Tripathi
 05.  Development of Land and Water Management Plan of a Micro-Watershed using GIS Technique.  Madhukar Patel  Er. Dhiraj Khalkho
 06.  Identification of Erosion Prone Areas, Estimation of Soil Erosion from Overburden Areas of Coal Mines and their Preventive Measures in Chirimiri.  Maneesh Singh Tomar  Dr. R. K. Sahu
 07.  Hydraulic Performance and Economic Analysis of Drip Irrigation System for Cherry Tomato (Pimpinelifolium, L.  Ku. Manisha  Dr. Jitendra Sinha
 08.  Performance Evaluation of Furrow Irrigtion System for Brinjal with Different Mulches Material  Ku. Manisha Lilhare  Dr. A . K . Pali
 09.  Estimation of Daily Reference Evapotranspiration Using Artificial Neural Network for Different Agro-Climatic Zones of Chhattisgarh  Ku. Rekha Bai  Dr. Jitendra Sinha
 10.  Optimal Design of Farm Reservoir for Chhattisgarh Plains  Tirath Kumar  Er. P. Katre
 11.  Monsoon Characterization at Raipur District for Crop and Water Resources Planning  Vijay Kumar Choure  Dr. A . K . Pali
 01.  Impact Assessment of community based micro irrigation system  Smt.Deepika Suryadevara  Er. A. P. Mukharjee
 02.  Evaluation of irrigation methods for chickpea-coriander intercropping in vertisols of Chhattisgarh plains  Jhalesh kumar  Dr. V. P. Verma
 03.  Planning of land and water resources for a small watershed of lormi block in mungeli district  Love Kumar  Er. P. Katre
 04.  Design of irrigation and drainage system and development of oftimal plan for IGKV, fram Raipur.  Neeraj Kumar Thakur  Er. Dhiraj Khalkho
 05.  Modelling of daily reference evapotranspiration using fuzzy logic for Chhattisgarh plains  Neelima Jangre  Dr. Jitendra Sinha
 06.  Study of ground water recharge planning for semi –critical blocks of Rajnandgaon and Kawardha districts of Chhattisgarh Plains  Pragati Verma  Er. P. Katre
 07.  Design of pipe distribution network in the command of a cannal outlet for optimal crop planning  Rahul Raghuwanshi  Er. Dhiraj Khalkho
 08.  Water productivity hydraulics and economics of furrow irrigation raised bed system with variable furrow for wheat for crop.  Rahul Dev Kurre  Dr. A . K . Pali
 09.  Simulation modeling of canal irrigation command area.  Ravishankar  Dr. A . K . Pali
 10.  Studies on level of drip irrigation and suitability of used plastic material as mulch for growing rabi marigold (Tagetes erecta)  Shashikant  Dr. Jitendra Sinha
 11.  Planning of land and water resources for a small watershed of mungeli district.  Shilpi Rani Bhattachariya  Dr. M . P . Tripathi
 12.  Optimization of water resources for maximizing crop production in the coastal areas of odisha  Surjeet Singh Adile  Dr. M . P . Tripathi