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 M. P. Tripathi
 Ph.D. IIT Kharagpur

 Professor and Head (Soil & Water Engineering)

Contact Address
AICRP on Ground Water Utilisation
Dept. of Soil and Water Engineering
Faculty of Agricultural Engineering
Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur - 492 012

Email: mktripathi64@gmail.com
Mobile: 9826128564, Office: 0771-2970216

Research Interests
Watershed Planning and Management
Groundwater Modelling
Hydrological Modelling
Irrigation and Drainage

Presently Head, Dept. of Soil and Water Engg., FAE, IGKV, Raipur since July, 2013

Working as Principal Investigator, All India Coordinated Research project on Ground Water Utilisation, ICAR funded project since 2005.

PI for ICAR funded research project entitled Hydrological Modelling for Effective Management of Small Watersheds of Chhattisgarh from 2002 -2005.

PI for NATP-ICAR funded adhoc research project entitled Hydrological Water Balance Modelling of Rainfed Watersheds for Improved Water Management from 2001 - 2004.

Co-PI for NATP=ICAR funded research project entitled Strategies to Increase Cropping Intensities in Area of Protective Irrigation during Kharif and Rainfed during Rabi Season in Eastern India from 2002 - 2006.

PI for ITRA sponsored research project entitled Measurement to management (M2M): Improved Water Use Efficiency and Agricultural Productivity through Experimental Sensor Network from 2013.

Thesis guided: Post Graduate (19+1) and Ph. D. (1+1)

Tested and modified the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model and developed effective management plan for the identified and prioritized the critical sub-watersheds of the Nagwan watershed of eastern India.

Tested Visual MODFLOW-2000 for groundwater flow and mass transport modelling of a small groundwater basin of Raipur district in Chhattisgarh.

Tripathi M.P. Shukla Rituraj, Mukharjee A.P.and Katre P. (2012). Water Balance Studies of a Small Watershed Using Distributed Parameter Model. Journal of Agricultural Issues, Publisher: Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur, Vol. 17 (1&2), P. 39-48.

Agrawal N., Verma M.K. and Tripathi M.P. (2011). Hydrological Modelling of Chhokranala Watershed Using Weather Generator with SWAT Model. Indian Journal of Soil Conservation, Vol. 39(2), P. 89-94.

Agrawal N., Verma M.K. and Tripathi M.P. (2010). Development of Effective Management Plan for Critical Areas of Chhokranala Watershed Using SWAT Model and GIS. Journal of Indian Water Resources Society, Vol. 30(2), P; 12-26.

Bhadra, A., Panigrahy, N., Singh, R., Raghuwanshi, N.S., Mal, B.C. and Tripathi, M.P. (2007). Development of a Geomorphological Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph Model for Scantily Watersheds. Environmental Modelling and Software, Vol. (XX), P: 1-13.

Tripathi, M.P., Raghuwanshi, N.S. and Rao, G.P. (2006). Effect of Watershed Subdivision on Simulation of Water Balance Components. Hydrological Processes, Vol.20 (10), P:1137-1156.

Tripathi, M.P., Panda, R.K. and Raghuwanshi, N.S. (2005) Development of Effective Management Plan for Critical Sub-watersheds Using SWAT Model. Hydrological Processes- Special Issue on “Regional Assessment of Climate and Management Impacts Using the SWAT Hydrological Model”, Vol. 19(3), P:809-826.

Tripathi, M.P., Panda, R.K., Raghuwanshi, N.S. and Singh, R. (2004) Hydrological Modelling of a Small Watershed Using Generated Rainfall in the Soil and Water Assessment Tool Model. Hydrological Processes, Vol.18 (10), P:1811-1821.

Tripathi, M.P., Panda, R.K. and Raghuwanshi, N.S. (2003). Calibration and Validation of SWAT Model for Predicting Runoff and Sediment Yield of a Small Watershed in India. International Agricultural Engineering Journal, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. Vol.12 (1 & 2), P: 95-118.

Tripathi, M.P., Panda, R.K. and Raghuwanshi, N.S. (2003). Identification and Prioritization of Critical Sub-watersheds for Soil Conservation Management Using the SWAT Model. Biosystems Engineering, Vol. 85 (3), P: 365-379.

Tripathi, M.P., Panda, R.K., Pradhan, S. and Sudhakar, S. (2002). Runoff Modelling of a Small Watershed Using Satellite Data and GIS. Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing, Vol. 30 (1 & 2), P: 39-52.

Tripathi, M.P., Panda, R.K., Pradhan, S. and Das, R.K. (2001). Estimation of Sediment Yield from a Small Watershed Using MUSLE and GIS. Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India), Vol. 82, P: 40-45.

Tripathi, M.P. Tyagi, H.R. and Pandey, R.P. (1994). Analysis of Drop Size Distribution Produced by Designed and Developed Rainfall Simulator. Hydrology Journal of Indian Association of Hydrologists, Vol. xvii (3 & 4), P: 14-21.

Awards and Recognition
Vijay Shree Award & Certificate of Excellency - IIFS, New Delhi (1998)

Certificate of Excellence for outstanding work - IGAU, Raipur (2003)

Awarded as Fellow (F-113555-O) by the Institution of Engineers (India) (2009)

Bhagirath Samman by Hon’ble CM, Govt. of CG (2008)

Reviewer - Biosystems Engineering, Hydrological Processes, Environmental Modelling & Software, Agricultural Issues