Welcome to S. V. College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, Raipur

Department of Farm Machinery and Power
 Name  Designation  Email  Contact No.
 Dr. A. K. Dave  Professor and Head  drakd1964@gmail.com  94255 25249
 Dr. B. P. Mishra  Professor    
 Dr. S. V. Jogdand  Professor/ Pr. Scientist  sjogdand2000@yahoo.com  94062 51503
 Dr. A. K. Verma  Professor/ Pr. Scientist    
 Dr. Md. Quasim  Sr. Scientist/ Associate Professor    98269 34331
 Dr. V. M. Victor  Scientist/ Assistant Professor  vmv_victor@rediffmail.com  98271 90931
 Dr. R. K. Naik  Assistant Professor  rknaik1@rediffmail.com  94252 52765

Department of Soil and Water Engineering
 Name  Designation  Email  Contact No.
 Dr. V. K. Pandey  Professor and Dean S.V.C.A.E.T.  vkp12@yahoo.co.in  94255 21942
 Dr. M. P. Tripathi  Professor and Head  mktripathi64@gmail.com  98261 28564
 Er. A. P. Mukherjee  Associate Professor  ap_mukherjee@rediffmail.com  93291 12355
 Dr. Jitendra Sinha  Assistant Professor  irapsugarcane@rediffmail.com  94255 59418
 Dr. Dhiraj Khalkho  Scientist/Assistant Professor  dkhalkho@rediffmail.com  98265 34139
 Er. P. Katre  Scientist/Assistant Professor  prafullkatre@rediffmail.com  78983 61805

Department of Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering
 Name  Designation  Email  Contact No.
 Dr. S. Patel  Professor and Head  patels47@rediffmail.com  98265 65675
 Er. N. Mishra  Scientist/ Assistant Professor  nkm111@rediffmail.com  95752 56562
 Er. P. S. Pishalkar  Assistant Professor  pspisalkar@gmail.com  89621 47901

Additional Scientific Staff
 Name  Designation  Email  Contact No.
 Dr. (Smt) N. Kerketta  Scientist/ Assistant Prof. (Veterinary)  neelmani.kerketta@yahoo.com  94242 52094

Supporting Scientific/ Technical Staff
 Name  Designation  Email  Contact No.
 Er. A. K. Chandrakar  Technical Assistant (FMPE)  akhileshchadrakar@rediffmail.com  98275 70598
 Er. Yatnesh Bisen  SRF (SWE)  yatnesh12@gmail.com  95751 40099
 Er. Priti Tiwari  SRF (SWE)  prititiwari@gmail.com