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 Er. A. P. Mukherjee
 M. Tech. IIT Kharagpur

 Associate Professor (Soil & Water Engineering)

Contact Address
Dept. of Soil and Water Engineering
Faculty of Agricultural Engineering
Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur - 492 012

Mob - 93291 12355

Research Interests

Presently working as Scientist, All India Coordinated Research project on Ground Water Utilisation, ICAR funded project since July, 2013.

Worked as Scientist, All India Coordinated Research project for Dryland Agriculture, ICAR funded project from 13/01/09 till June, 2013.

Associated Scientist under National Agricultural Innovation Project (Component –II) on “Value chain on food products from small millets of Bastar region of C.G.”, funded from ICAR (2008-2012)

Associated Scientist under National Agricultural Innovation Project (Component III) entitled "Improving rural livelihood security through sustainable integrated farming system models and allied enterprises in Bastar region of Chhattisgarh" funded from ICAR(2008-2012)

Co-PI for CRIDA, Hyderabad Funded Adhoc Project on National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture Project (2010-12)

Co-PI for DST sponsored Adhoc project entitled "Development of crop simulation and GIS integrated decision support tools for resource management in rice farming of C.G." funded from DST (2006-2008)

An unsteady subsurface drainage equation incorporating variability of soil drainage properties.(2014) by Pali, A. K., Katre, P. & Khalkho, D., Water Resources Management. DOI 10.1007/s11269-014-0631-1

Evaluation of rice establishment methods with nutrient and weed management options under rainfed farming situations of Bastar plateau.(2014) by Thakur, D. S., Sharma, G.K., Naik, R. K., Khalkho, D., Choudhary, J. L. and Patil, S. K., Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. Vol. 13(1):36-41

Cadastral level Mapping for Efficient Natural Resources Management of Turenar cluster villages using Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies. (2013) by Khalkho, D., Patil, S. K., Patel, S. and Pali, G. P. (2013). Journal of Agricultural Issues Vol. 18(1&2): 55-60

A computer model for designing of permanent gully control structures. (2013) by Khalkho, D., Raghuwanshi, N. S., Khalkho, S. and Singh, R., African Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 8(29): 3860 – 3872.

Effective irrigation water management in Rabi chilli for Bastar agro climatic zone. (2013) by Khalkho, D., Naik, R. K., Thakur, A. K., Bisen, Y. and Chandrakar, A. K., Scientific Research and Essays. Vol. 8 (48): 2332-2335

Status of farm power availability and implements in selected villages of Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. (2013) by Chandraker, A. K., Dave, A. K., Khalkho, D. and Naik, R. K. International Journal of Agricultural Engineering, 6(2): 555-557.

Effective water management in rabi brinjal for Bastar region. (2012) by Khalkho, D., Naik, R. K., Deo Shankar, Thakur, A. K. and Netam, R. S., Journal of Agricultural Issues Vol. 17(1&2): 55 - 58

Efficient utilization of harvested water through indigenously fabricated Gravity operated Drip Irrigation System. (2011) by Khalkho, D., Naik, R. K., Dwivedi, R. K., Singh, M. K., Rao, S. S., Thakur, D. S., Deo Shankar and Quasim, M., International Journal of Agricultural Engineering Vol. 4 (2):148 – 151.

An economic Analysis of Maize crop in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, India. (2011) by Verma. P. K., Mishra, N., Nag, S. K, Khalkho, D. and Netam, R. S., Plant Archives Vol. 11 (1): 351 - 354 (ISSN:0972-5210)

Documentation of Traditional Soil and Water Conservation Structures of Bastar District (C.G.) India. (2010) by Pradhan, A., Patil, S. K., Nag, S. K. and Khalkho, D., Plant Archives Vol. 10 (1):505 – 506 (ISSN:0972-5210)

Study of different soil and moisture regime on the yield attributes of tomato during rabi season in Bastar Region. (2009) by Khalkho, D., Ram, D. S., Netam, R. S. and Kumar, S., International Journal of Agricultural Sciences Vol. 5 (1):233-235

Advanced tool for analytical and efficient designing of different soil and water conservation structures. (2009) by Khalkho, D. and Raghuwanshi, N. S., International Journal of Agricultural Engineering. Vol. 2 (1):149 – 152

Professional Exposures
Attendend 11 days International Summer Winter Term Course on 'Hydrology and Climate Change' at Dept. of Agricultural and Food Engg., IIT Kharagpur from 1 - 11 July, 2014

12 weeks comprehensive Training on Remote Sensing and GIS – Technology and Applications from National Remote Sensing Agency, GOI, Dept. of Space, Balanagar, Hyderabad (A.P.) during Nov.,2007 to Feb., 2008

10 days Short term training on Geostatistical modelling for spatio-temporal assessment of soil and water resources from CAZRI, Jodhpur during Sept., 2013

Five day GIS Training Programme on Introduction to ArcGIS 9.0 from ESRI – NIIT, New Delhi during Nov., 2006.

Seven days training on Integrated Watershed Management from Central Soil and Water Conservation Research and Training Institute, Res. Center, Sunabed, Dist – Koraput (Orissa) during June, 2007

Seven days training on Working Knowledge of Remote Sensing and GIS Mapping MNEC Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur (M.S.) during May, 2010